What is Beauty? IV

hands-717506_1280This is not a call to dump all our creams and never again patronize a pharmacy. This is a call to mindfully engage the messages we’re absorbing. We may be believing some lies about beauty or about ourselves. We may be scared of beauty’s power. We may be demanding it, plucking it off in handy sizes to enhance, defy, and manipulate.

Striving and grasping defeats beauty. So keep it simple, sweetie! Eliminate the body odor. Trim the chin hair. Clean and smooth your nails and heels. Part of beauty is being at rest, not obsessing, insisting, grabbing.

Being at rest and being beautiful requires knowing our Creator and His heart. His hands would never shape something untrue to His character. We, His pieces of art, are beautiful as soon as we use the smile He gives. Have you noticed this? It is an endless joy to me, how an otherwise-plain girl’s face is transformed when she smiles.

Beauty isn’t in a bottle. It’s in an identity that is more true and deep and changeless than the loveliest skin you ever saw.

(This article was first printed by Daughters of Promise magazine in the Sept.-Oct. 2015 issue.)


2 thoughts on “What is Beauty? IV

  1. You write so beautifully! Thank you for this. It made me feel a bit choked up because of its truth and beauty and my own caring and longing and striving….
    I love the line about being His pieces of art and the truth of the transforming power of a smile. Is it okay to be certain that God will grace me with thick hair and a cute nose and straight white teeth in heaven, though! 😉

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