Sad and Angry Tonight

Usually when I’m angry, I try to keep it to myself but I snap at people and am biting and try not to say much so as not to cause too much damage. But right now I’m angry, and I don’t mind if the world knows it.

I’m angry because a dad, after his daughter was dating for the better part of a year, told the young man he can’t see the girl again. The dad, an American, said he couldn’t see his daughter marry an Eastern European.

The young man has a stellar character. He would treat any girl like a queen. I understand the challenges of a cross-cultural marriage, but I think it’s unfair and wrong to break a man’s heart like that, on the basis of his ethnic background.

I hurt for the couple.  I ache for the injustice of it. I hurt for the young man, because I know him and his gifts and his character. I know he has support around him, lots of people love him, this can be redeemed sometime, somehow.

But right now, I’m angry.