update and thanks

This is to say that our prayers for a good dr.’s appt. today were generously answered. I met the dr. who will do the embolization procedure (plugging the arteries that feed the tumors)–if indeed that is the thing that needs to be done. However, he needs to see an MRI in order to know exactly what needs to be done, since I only had ultrasounds and CAT done, which aren’t specific enough.  So he is ordering an MRI to be done within the next few weeks. With that info, he will consult with the surgeon who would do the myomectomy (removal of the tumors) and the 2 of them will give me advice on which option to choose.
I asked if we could do the MRI today, and he said, “Well, do you have insurance?” They don’t know what to do with me becase I don’t have insurance. So that feels strange and helpless, but it’s going to be ok.
I asked if all this can be taken care of by the end of the year, and he said yes, so I’m really glad for that ray of hope. His diagnostic questions showed him that my case is not an emergency, which is what determines who gets the faster service. I’m not looking forward to living gingerly for the next months, but…it could be much worse. Walking through the university hospital today gave me that perspective really fast. If all I need to do to feel better is to be flat on my back for awhile every day, well, that’s cheap medicine. And it’s a pain to need to travel 3-4 hrs to Dublin for the MRI and every appt. after that, but that too could be worse.

I feel really positive about being in this doctor’s care. He gave me all the time I needed to ask questions, and even chatted a bit. He lived in the US for 9 yrs, and I saw a certificate on his wall from Harvard Medical School. I’m in good hands, and soooo grateful.
There are niggling fears…no one knows for sure these things are benign (the drs have diplomatic ways of telling me this)…an emergency rupture or bleeding could come up anytime…but I am carried by a peace that is so big that the fears hardly register. It’s because of your prayers and because He’s got the whole world in His hands. Nothing can Thy power withstand, none can pluck me from Thy hand…

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