Song musings

In Poland with the Hope Singers, we sang the Polish version of “Flee as a Bird”. Not being given to great enthusiasm about minors, it took me awhile to enjoy the song. It helped to have Lloyd Kauffman’s arrangement to sing, and what really helped me appreciate the song was to understand more what we were singing. A phrase in the 2nd verse is too hard for me to write in Polish here but translated to English it says: He carefully (tenderly, gently) wipes your tears.

I love praising God for His awesomeness, His majesty and holiness. There is a reason that Isaiah recorded the angels saying “Holy, holy, holy”–it was/is a concept, a truth that bears repeating. But I also need a God who comes close, who doesn’t stay on the high and holy throne, untouchable and unreachable. I can do anything, go through any difficulty if I know I’m not alone, and so I need a God who’s close-by–close enough to wipe my tears.

There’s been no other time in my life as now, when I feel so peaceful and joyful, as well as profoundly sad and angry. This is why I love the truth that God is close enough to carefully wipe my tears. I’m glad that my exuberance and joy, combined with anger and questions does not faze Him, or scare Him away. For this, I love Him very much.

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