Souls of the Sea

My brother and his wife gave me the book Souls of the Sea for my last birthday. I so enjoyed it. It’s the account of the storm and sinking of 2 boats off our local coast in Jan. 2007. I love that it’s so very Dunmore. It’s not great writing, but it’s so authentic. It explains the fishermen’s lives, how they work,  how they depend on weather predictions, and how those predictions are made.

It is still a mystery as to why the boats went down. It is a loss that everyone in the area feels; everyone was touched, affected by the tragedy. Everyone knew a sibling or relative or child or friend of the lost men. I loved how the book showed that authentic solidarity that the locals are so good at. It made me proud to live in Dunmore.

It’s a world apart. The harvest service in the village every fall thanks God for the harvest from the land and the sea. Having grown up mountains, that line of thanks always catches my attention and reminds me this is a different world indeed.  Right now, tourists walk all over the streets and stone walls, but I feel smug when I go through Dunmore because I’m thinking You pay big money to come here for a week, and I get to live here. Ok, the winters are dreadful and dark, but then we have the village to ourselves, and we get to see the glorious gales. But the gales do take boats and lives every winter. From the wrath of the sea, O Lord, deliver us.

One thought on “Souls of the Sea

  1. I agree. I think you are blessed to live in Ireland, even though I’ve never been there. I just know that misty green hills, gray skies, marvelous winds, and the sound of the sea all hold charm and wonder in my imagination.

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