Transposition, in CS Lewis’ definition

I think Paula Rinehart is prob. the wisest and simplest contemporary writers for Christian women. I’m reading her Better than My Dreams and keep underlining and nodding and sometimes crying as I read. I particularly loved this part:

“I wold not for a moment imply that all stories come out neatly packaged. Lots of loose strings in our lives get tied into happier endings past any horizon we can see. God is great, and God is good as the child’s prayer says–but sometimes His greatness and His goodness come together much farther down the road than we would hope.

CS Lewis claims that the problem is one of transposition, which is an interesting word he explained this way: The sovereignty and goodness of God is like a symphony that fills the largest concert hall with the most beautiful music imagineable. Only you and I are not in that room. Rather, we are listening to the music through a grainy radio at the kitchen table, trying to follow the melody through the static.

2 thoughts on “Transposition, in CS Lewis’ definition

  1. Hi there, I’m a friend of Andrea Mast and i just finished reading your book. I haven’t sorted through all my thoughts and feelings after reading it but I did want you to know that i thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed Life Is For Living. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your thoughts and convictions! It blessed me so profoundly, that yes… i’m still in the “wow” mode and all i can say is THANK YOU!
    I look forward to reading more of your stuff on here. God bless!

  2. oh, as an afterthought… i just lent the book the other night to Connie (Nisly) Miller. Does that ring a bell? 🙂 Her husband helps my dad in pastoring the church here in Texistepeque, El Salvador, so their family is a big part of our life here. Connie was telling me a bit of your “cbs and after” life that you two shared as friends sev. years ago.

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