I identify with Elisabeth when she wrote: “As a writer, I have to fight the feeling that each article I write must be pretty much the very last word I’ll ever have to say on that topic.”

Writers are strange, often- misunderstood people. They write authoritatively even though they don’t know everything about the subject. They doubt themselves, but at some point they put their soul on the line and let others see their words. They give the faceless public the chance to riffle through the paragraphs, pounce on a point or two, take issue with nonessentials, and remember what suits them.

Then the writer thinks about how she could have said it differently, how she could have fleshed out that idea, taken the other one out, and she hopes that the discerning reader will see what she didn’t explain, and understand that no one will write flawlessly.

Elisabeth wrote the excellent article “What’s a Guy to Do?” and followed it up more recently on her own blog by explaining what she could’ve written, explained, and discussed, but didn’t. Good stuff, especially for women. Breeze on over there and see.

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