We Have a Winner and Advent

The random number generator chose #16 which means that Twila Burkholder won the giveaway for Tea and Trouble Brewing. Thanks to everyone who entered the drawing. It was way more fun than I was expecting, and it’s making me think about doing a giveaway for my own book, so stay tuned!

Until then, if/when it happens, you can order my book, Life is for Living (Not for Waiting Around) from the helpful people at CLR:

Christian Learning Resource
28500 Guys Mills Rd.
Guys Mills, PA 16327

Phone:  FREE 814-789-4769
Order line:  877-222-GROW (4769)

And for a sneak preview of the book, you can go to my blog and read the first page of each chapter. They’re listed on the sidebar, so have a look.

In other news, this morning I heard myself say “It’s snowing, I’m listening to Christmas music, eating a donut and drinking tea. Life is good!”

It’s true.

Advent is a beautiful season, waiting and focusing, expecting the light that will erase darkness. This is my favorite Advent hymn, though I wish I’d know and understand its original German lines.

Comfort, comfort ye my people, speak ye peace, thus saith our God;

Comfort those who sit in darkness, mourning ‘neath their sorrows’ load.

Speak ye to Jerusalem of the peace that waits for them;

Tell her that her sins I cover, and her warfare now is over.

Make ye straight what long was crooked, make the rougher places plain;

Let your hearts be true and humble as befits His humble reign.

For the glory of the Lord now on earth is shed abroad,

And all flesh shall see the token that His word is never broken. –Johann Olearius

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