Footprints on the Ceiling, Dorcas Smucker–A Double Giveaway!

The initials on the front cover could be my dad’s initials, but they’re not. You’ll have to read the first chapter to find out the story behind the book title and the initials.ds.fotc.cover

Because I’ve been following Dorcas’ blog for years, I’ve already read all the pieces she has in the book. So I’d read the delightful story of the footprint and initials, but had forgotten about it.

That’s one of the reasons I like this book: I get to revisit the lovely stories I’ve already read, but their details are hazy in my brain.

Footprints on the Ceiling, as all her other four books, are compilations of Dorcas’ monthly newsletter pieces. As I read this book, I repeatedly was amazed at Dorcas’ skill in organizing the stories to make them fit perfectly into this  new setting.  And the sections correspond with the title: kinds of footwear that connect with parts of life: children, change, forebears, travel, reflecting.

What I love about these stories is that they are filled with quirkiness and color. The lines that emerge when you turn the page are  not what you expect, and even if you’ve read the blog posts before, you’re still surprised and amused. For example, the waddling Canada goose in the opening paragraph in “A Knack for the Absurd” had me in giggles until the end of the chapter.

 Though there’s a lovely light-heartedness all through-out, the book isn’t all jokes and silliness. Dorcas thinks deeply and processes well, but she keeps her own advice and (usually) doesn’t take herself too seriously. This is a trait that I find endearing and inspiring.

There are tears in the stories too. I cried at the beauty of a family wedding that celebrated deep joy and healing after shattering loss and grief. Dorcas’ world-view doesn’t get stuck in pain and she lives in the reality that stories do go on, and it won’t always be dark and gloomy, so her words birthed hope in me.

Dorcas loves her family well, with fierce loyalty and service to her husband and children and extended family. She always blogs with great respect and love for her father who lived with them last summer, and in the book writes warmly of her mom’s character and legacy since her death. The stories are honest, but not voyeuristic. They are candid, but not at the expense of someone’s dignity. So we know that these Smuckers are normal people who fight and make up, and make messes and lose things but at the end of the day they don’t stay mad and they keep talking things out. Which is what every healthy relationship is made of, especially the family, God’s ideal social structure.

This is probably the quality that brings readers back to Dorcas’ stories: it’s real life. No fluff, no fancy-schmancy lingo. Forget the idea of blankety-blank Amish novels. Last winter when I was teaching at CBS, the chapter about Bible schools came out, and it was so on-the-money that it made the rounds to all the teachers. We completely identified with the rules, unspoken rules, and laughed knowingly about the signs God sends. Her novel, when it comes, will be made of the same colorful, earthy, human stuff, and I can’t wait!

For now, Dorcas is giving away a signed copy of Footprints on the Ceiling. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below. I’ll close it next Wednesday, Dec.3,  and you should get it in time for Christmas–a treat for yourself or a friend! This is going to be a double give-away, in that Dorcas will send a copy to the winner in the US. But if you live in Europe, you’ll be eligible for my copy. Isn’t that fun?!

Footprints on the Ceiling is available for $15 per book, postage included.  You can mail a check to Dorcas Smucker, 31148 Substation Drive, Harrisburg, OR 97446.  US addresses only.  To send a copy to Canada or overseas, email Dorcas at dorcassmucker@gmail.comOr find it on Amazon here

60 thoughts on “Footprints on the Ceiling, Dorcas Smucker–A Double Giveaway!

  1. Well, Anita dear, I live in Europe, and I would love to curl up in front of my crackling fire with a cup of coffee or tea :), and read this book!! You could even come over and we could read together! Maybe we could even soak our feet as we read. And that would be a perfect thing to do on a grey winter day in Poland.

  2. I would be delighted to win Dorcas’ latest book! (I wonder if her story about her cousin with the jazzed-up Amish buggy is in this book. That guy is my dad. 🙂 )

  3. I really enjoy her blog and would also like to have a copy of her latest book. She makes me laugh and cry as I bumble through my own mothering journey.

  4. Oh, I’m so tickled she’s releasing another book although I was sure the next one would be “In the Basement the Mice are Playing”. 🙂 I also love her writing and I would be delighted to win…. I’d also love to read your next one. 🙂

  5. I would love to get this book…as a sister to twelve siblings, I’m sure I could relate. Books that are realistic yet inspiring are most enjoyable to read!

  6. Love your description of the book an would love one! Anita, I read your book about 7 years ago while in vs at fmh, an loved it. I felt like God used it to help me totally give up my own plans an desires… amazingly enough I started dating shortly there after an have been married 5 sweet years now! Just found your blog an am excited about reading more 🙂

  7. I’ve already won a copy so don’t put me in the drawing…I just wanted to say how great that you are making a copy available in Europe! and the European invitations to tea and footbaths and fireplaces make me feel the slightest bit jealous and VERY happy for the friends you have!

  8. I would love to win this book! I agree about the Amish books that are so popular. I detest them! Maybe Dorcas could write a novel about the Amish and how they really live, etc. : ) When I was shopping last week, a very clean-cut man came up to me and asked if I was Mennonite or Amish. I told him I was Mennonite. He replied that he thought I was Mennonite because of my black veil. Then he said his daughter loves to read all these books about the Amish. I told him most of those books are not true to life at all and please tell his daughter not to believe everything she reads!

  9. Living in Germany I am glad to hear that a copy is available in Europe now. I’d love to receive the book as I am expecting my first baby at the beginning of the new year and I have a lot of spare time now…

  10. This is the 2nd time this week I’ve heard about this book….I’d love to get my hands on a copy and enjoy a cup of coffee here in the snowy northeast! 🙂

  11. I’d love to have this book too! And I LOVE reading your blog, BTW! I want to see you again! :{ (I miss you!) Reading about your Thanksgiving activities made me miss you all terribly… I want to be back in Poland!

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