So Complete

Thanks to a sister who recommends good books to me, I read Stargirl last week, by Jerry Spinelli. In my typical broad generalizations, I’m thinking that every girl and woman should read this book. At least, anyone who is thinking about living outside the box, and who is weary of homogenized life.

The following paragraph, in the context of the school dance, was probably one of the most exciting to me, and one that I’d like to live like. Especially here in a country where I get stared at disconcerting ways.

She is no one’s child. She is the girl they have heard about. As she passes by she makes no attempt to avoid their eyes. On the contrary, she looks directly at them, turning to one side, then the other, looking into their eyes and smiling as if she knows them, as if they have shared grand and special things. Some turn aside, uneasy in a way they cannot account for; others feel suddenly empty when her eyes leave theirs. So distracting, so complete is she that she is gone before many realize that she had no escort, she was alone, a parade of one.

8 thoughts on “So Complete

  1. Hmmm….funny you recommend this book. I bought it up awhile back, (also on recommendation) thumbed through it, and put it back in the “to sale” box. I thought is looked silly and trivial and not worth my time. Sounds like that was a false and hasty assumption. 🙂 Now maybe I’ll pick it up next time I come across it. Thanks for the good words on the book. 🙂

    • I can see that it would see fluffy and light at first glance. Somehow it kept my attention through the 1st chapter, and in the 2nd when Stargirl was wearing her off-white dress that covered her shoes, I was captivated.

  2. So complete. I haven’t read a piece I’d so like to live as this piece! So complete. It’s simple. It’s beautiful. It’s engulfs all! Complete. A parade of one. Yes, Jesus. Amazing.

  3. I’m glad you’re telling us about what you’re enjoying reading. This, among other things, is calling me to pick up the books I have at home, and go to the library and find more. There are so many good books that I haven’t read yet!

  4. YAY!!!!! Hoorah, Hooray! Someone else who likes Stargirl! yes. Not only her dresses, but also her card center/office. Isn’t that such the greatest idea? Not that I have one, but… Have you ever read the sequel, ‘Love, Stargirl’?

  5. Ah yes, I get stared at too. And not for the same reasons I do at home. :O)

    But one of my favorite pastimes is simply to smile genuinely at passersby, and see who will respond, and how. Fascinating!

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